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September 3, 2013
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HMLS - Aschari Kristall Application Sheet by Miitee HMLS - Aschari Kristall Application Sheet by Miitee
Finally I finished the app for :iconsparklesplz::iconhmls::iconsparklesplz:
Im sorry for the late submission uwu;

• Name:Aschari Kristall /Achari mean spear
• Nickname: Ascha
• Age: 16
• Position: Division XII / Magus
• Magus Tattoo Location : Neck (Back)
• Your Real Life Job: Ice Skater
• Gender: Male I cant draw male shota right :iconmingcryplz:
• Weapon: Pistol [Astra 400], Filled by Ice Bullets
• Abilities: Ice Elements
-> Ice make: Can make a thing using ice, but it's melt after 30 minuetes ex: like penguin made from ice, or bullets made from ice. /if the things he more bigger then ice he made will melt more faster
-> Road ice: He can skate on it, while making the road from ice //this made him "run" more faster. /he use blade skate under his boots (see extra)
-> Heal ice: Yeap like it said, he will frozen himself and sleep inside the ice, until he recover, weakness : he wont wake
up, so it cant be used when in the middle of fighting. - it's kinda fragile.

• History:

Ascha born in a boat (around Iceland), his parent is a pirate that travels around the world. Everyone scared of them.
He lived with his father because her mother died after she gave birth him, his father is known as an evil man he have
no mercy at stranger, Ascha was taught many things about scheming evil plan, using pistols, and survive in the middle
of the sea. One day the ship is wrecked because hitting iceberg, and at that time the sea is full of sharks, everyone
fight the sharks, in the middle of fighting there's a kinda big ship, but when they ask for help no one helps them, they
just leave away, everyone was died, except Ascha and his farther. But his father is dying, it seems death become nearer.

A miracle happen! the wave wash them away, they arrived in a shore full of snow, he tried to get help, but because of
blood loss (his left arm bitten by the shark) he start to lost his consciousness, but when his hope all gone someone help
him, he still alive his left arm stiched. When he wake up he found himself in a small room, he found himself being caged,
he ask a man that walk near him, he asked where's my dad? where am I?.

The man didnt respont and handcuff his hand, he tries to strugle but he too weak, he forced to go in another room,
he heard people shout "Who want to bet this pirate corpse?" everyone start betting, first he didnt care but then he
shock that the corpse they betting is his father, then...the betting end he was sold as a slave, his pride was crushed.

Ascha become dark and hate people, they dont help him at all, make fun of his father and him. His power explode
because of his anger, many of them the bidder died, some who's alive called him a monster, he just realized of his ice

He run away from the black market and run toward the forest, he found Svan is there with penguin, but when start to
attack (his hand already covered by ice) he's lost his consciousness. Svan found out Ascha power then invite him into

• Personality:

:bulletblue: He's a brat but quite responsible
:bulletblue: Stuborn, Childish, Sadist(?)
:bulletblue: Evil but always act like he was innoncent when get caught of his crime.
:bulletblue: He loves to "lie" and stealing people stuff
:bulletblue: A tsundere shota
:bulletblue: Egoist
:bulletblue: A bully
:bulletblue: Blunt
:bulletblue: Prideful
:bulletblue: Loyal

• Extras:

-> Actually love to cosplay or diguise /sometime he become trap
-> Is a bisexual
-> Height: 155 cm
-> His mother have a weak body, but she still want to have a child, unfortunately after she gift a birth to her child, she died.
-> Actually his left eye colour is [red] but he using blue softlens, when he serious his innoncent face expression will change into "serious" one
-> Dont like tall people /he always bully them
-> Have a pet /its a hibird
-> Bad at cooking
-> Good at sewing
-> His left hand faulty because bitten by the sharks
-> Ascha didnt believe human /he hate them and start his new hobby to steal their stuff
-> He have golden watch from his father /on his 16 birthday (hidden in his jacket)
-> He have skate blades under the boots, there's a button to make it come out from boots
-> He stop being a pirate, and becoming a ice skater (novice) /he realize becoming ice skater is gonna be useful for his
-> He love to wearing his jacket like that.

History of becoming Ice Skater:

First time he play ice skating when they go to icy place and he tried to skating on it, he enjoy skating on ice /but because he's a pirate, he cant do ice skating as much as he do like now.

He start "learning more about" skating after he found out about his power, sometimes he cheat the ice so he can skate nicely >v<, he still novice now but he want to be a profesional. (aiming)


-> Apple
-> Fish


-> Milk /that's why he so short

• Relationship: [will added soon]
• Quote: The world is cruel and unforgiving yet so beautiful. /he enjoy his life
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nekoyasha89 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
from now on until reach Verde, consider Greece as your home, okay ^ ^ //plakplakdesh
and nice to meet you, Asc ^ ^
kuroshirei Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wah unyuu :iconlalalaplz: 
selamat datang di iceland :la:
relasian yuks :iconskankyplz:
Miitee Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
wahh arigatou <33
thank you atas warm welcomingnya shirei <3
yuk mari kita saling merelasi ria nyahahaa~

/iconmu imut banget deh
kuroshirei Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
makasih :iconblushplz:
aku mikirnya romeo sayang aschari sebagai adik (habis imut banget ascharinya :iconlalalaplz: jadi romeo kayak semacam nganggep aschari masih kecil dan protektif sama dia (aduh plis ini apa :iconmingplz:)
Miitee Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
masamaa <33

Romeo bishie and ganteng yah ~ <3
Dia tinggi banget haha /Ascha jadi terlihat sangat mini yah acsha the mother of minions #bukan
Ahh..aku tahu juga.., biasanya romeo banyak yang fans, jadi romeo banyak dikasih gift dan dibaikin sama orang-orang yang di hmls~~ <3
tapi ascha malah hobinya nendangin si romeo / usilin (nyembunyiin bahkan maling pedangnya) romeonya akhirnya gemes(?) dan menganggap ascha sebagail adik kecilnya yang sangat mungil.., wahh romeo sabar banget sama anak kecil ya~
/ngikutin shirei, tapi pertama kali nemunya gimana kalau..pas Aschanya pingsan karena (liat background storynya), lalu Svan bawa Ascha ke base XII, lalu Romeo ikutan bantuin svan ngerawat Ascha gimana? mau gak?

mau di rp-inkah?? >7</
kuroshirei Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
bisaaaaaaaa :la:
mau dong di RP-in :D btw Ascha sekolah ato nggak? OwO
Miitee Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Eh sekolah? umm...pas kecil enggak sih, //tapi dia pintar
Ungg..sekolah ice skater ' v '/, bukan sekolah normal
Ayo kita RP-in ~<333
tapi..gimana alur ceritanya sampe si romeo bantu nyembuhin romeo ya >A<
maaf baru balas ;w;
Gurincchi Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Miteee *peluk ascha /he
Miitee Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Kenapa Chizuu??
Ascha: *diem diem maling dompetnya chizu tapi pasang muka innoncent*

Hati-hati kena maling loh Chizu :9
OCmu tinggi ga Chi? kalau sama" mungil dia ga bakal bully kok XD
/chizuu kamu jangan ganti usernamee~~ username yg sekarang udah bagus kok ;A;
Gurincchi Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ampunn anakmuu XD

tapi username saya itu annoying ;v; nama saya ga fina d panggil fina

dia 162 btw XD
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